We provide wide range forwarding and logistic services. Our manpower is qualified and experienced in each respective field, and able to handle crucial work at any time in 24 hours a day. We have branches office in Sarawak, Johor, Kuala Lumpur, Penang and appointed agent at selected ports in East & West Malaysia and all over the world. 

Only dedicated agents are selected to continuously carry-out our client businesses at all main ports in the globe. Best Way Cargo are well known in Oil & Gas Field as a Transport And Logistics Project Management and one of PETRONAS License holder for supporting the Oil & Gas Projects. 

At Best way Cargo we represent you and take the complication out of International airfreight shipping. It is our responsibilities to inform you the necessary procedures for international shipments, insurance, the best routing, cost and other options, which you may require. Best Way Cargo will also take to perform "door to door services" / "door to port services". 

In securing partners overseas and local, BEST WAY CARGO SDN BHD has proven support from all sectors. Appointment of a Multimodal Transport Operator (MTO) had channeled 

international freight nominations on a ‘door to door’ concept which provides a direct collection and delivery concept. With the engagement of ‘business agents’ work closely with BEST WAY CARGO SDN BHD to achieve our goals. In the end the customers are satisfied and returns will be well recorded. 

Subcontracting foreign see the expertise and skill in securing project cargo fulfilling the obligations of the logistics terms. Reduction in operation costs and competitiveness has been the main element to ensure shipment are collected and delivered in time.